Operations Director


The Operations Director is a senior management role within the organization and will have the responsibility to provide proactive leadership and direction in the areas of production, quality, distribution, health and safety, formulations, customer service and capital expenditures to ensure delivery of best in class operations performance so as to meet customer and shareholder requirements. This position has full operational responsibility for all Devenish activities within North America. Although location can be flexible, our expectation is that this position would be based in or around our corporate office in Fairmont, MN.


Strategic and tactical responsibility for implementing manufacturing strategy and strategic operational goals to exceed customer expectations for product quality, cost and delivery, maximizing efficiency, optimizing production levels and driving operational success.

  1. Management and Leadership:
    • Provide strong people leadership within the operations team, ensuring continuous improvement in all areas
    • Implement training, development and coaching programs with one-on-one or group initiatives as needed to ensure we maximize the potential of our staff
  2. Fiscal Responsibility:
    • Full budget responsibility for all operations activities including labor costs, production costs, distribution costs and CapEx costs
    • Provide detailed plans with cost estimates for all projects; once approved, provide all guidance and management to ensure implementation is completed timely and within approved terms
  3. Production:
    • To optimize the performance of all production sites within North America to ensure we obtain the most cost efficient manner of operations, while still achieving the highest level of product quality
    • Develop and maintain the necessary systems, procedures and working practices to deliver best practice and meet the requirements of company policies, certification entities, customer requirements and statutory compliance, with particular emphasis on quality at all times
  4. Quality & Compliance:
    • Implement standards and systems that deliver best in class performance while meeting all statutory and regulatory requirements in trading standards, health and safety and environmental
    • Continuously innovate our quality systems to ensure we meet or exceed all internal and external expectations
    • Meet and exceed our suppliers and customers quality expectations so as to ensure that the Devenish quality system is a marketable service offering
  5. Health and Safety:
    • Develop, implement and continuously improve health and safety protocols that meet or exceed our internal expectations as well as the expectations of our certifying entities
    • Ensure that Devenish is constantly providing a safe and inviting work place
  6. Formulations & Customer Service:
    • Manage formulations and customer service staff to ensure accuracy and efficiency in all activities
    • Ensure seamless interactions between customer service, formulations, production and quality departments
  7. Distribution:
    • Ensure our system allows for consistent on time delivery of every order at the most cost efficient method of delivery
    • Continuously evolve our distribution network as our customer network expands
  • Thorough knowledge of feed, feed supplements and feed pellet manufacturing equipment & facilities
  • Experience with various production processes including manual and automated batching systems
  • Knowledge of general production and operations management within a senior manufacturing role
  • Experience with quality systems, HACCP in the Food or Feed industry is preferred
  • Experience with quality audits, risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Project Management experience with large capital expenditure projects
  • Strong interpersonal relationship building and leadership skills
  • Flexible and adaptable in terms of role and work hours with ability to travel as required
  • Proven track record of successfully leading and delivering continuous improvement programs
  • Strong knowledge of IT with experience of IT project implementation
  • Working knowledge of financial management and managerial accounting practices
  • Experience of integrating new acquisitions or experience of being part of an acquisition
  • Excellent communication skills with an ability to motivate the team around you
How to Apply

To apply for this position, please contact us and submit a resume on or before February, 15th 2019.

Please email your information to: cory.penn@devenishnutrition.com or mail it to:

Devenish Nutrition, LLC
Attn: Cory Penn, President
2320 Lake Avenue
Fairmount, MN 56031

Devenish Nutrition Ltd is an Equal Opportunities Employer and welcomes applications from all sections of the community