New Addition to Poultry Team

27th February 2017

Devenish is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Mike Blair to our North American Poultry Team.

Mike has a vast experience as a Poultry Nutritionist within our industry and will bring a wealth of knowledge to our rapidly growing poultry division. Mike's business, A & J Nutrition Services, will merge into Devenish as he will continue to consult for a number of his current customers with the aid of the Devenish Team.

Our current consulting team members will work in conjunction with Mike to strengthen our Broiler, Turkey and Layer nutrition consulting services. As Devenish continues to grow, Mike's experience will bring value to our team and ultimately our customer base.

We welcome Mike to the Devenish Team and look forward to working together to bring our clients quality nutritional service. For more information contact a Devenish Poultry Team member at 1-877-616-6342.

  • Maury Ore Poultry Team Director
  • Heather Stilborn, Ph.D. Poultry Nutritionist
  • Mark Lavorgna, Ph.D. Poultry Nutritionist
  • Steven Clark, DVM Dipl ACPV Poultry Veterinarian
  • Paul Twining, Ph.D. Poultry Nutritionist
  • John Kuhl, Ph.D. Poultry Nutritionist
  • Chris Rude, Ph.D. Poultry Nutritionist
  • Mike Blair, Ph.D. - Poultry Nutritionist
  • Judd Culver Poultry Account Manager
  • Patricia Rode - Formulations Coordinator
  • Nathan Avey Broiler Research / Account Manager

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