Dr John Schleifer joins the Devenish Poultry Team in North America!

4th April 2022

Dr John Schleifer joins the Devenish Poultry Team in North America!

Devenish would like to welcome the latest addition to our Poultry Team in North America.

Dr. John Schleifer joins the Devenish group on April 1st, 2022 as a Poultry Veterinarian. He has worked over 20 years specializing in poultry medicine as he has provided technical support for both feed additives and poultry biologics. A particular focus has centered on poultry intestinal health and how sustainable feed additives relate to food safety.

Dr. Schleifer received his BS in Microbiology and DVM at Iowa State University. He received his MS in Medical Microbiology at the University of Georgia where his research focused on the susceptibility of broilers to Salmonella infection. Dr. Schleifer has experience in live production medicine as well as teaching and research. He has authored numerous articles on poultry health issues for trade journals as well as research articles in peer-reviewed journals and scientific forums.

Dr. Schleifer's responsibilities here at Devenish include providing technical support for the broiler, turkey and layer portfolio of nutritional products & solutions.

Please help us welcome Dr. John Schleifer  to the Devenish Team!


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