Devenish Appoint Rob Serwata as Poultry and Aqua Nutritionist

24th September 2012

Devenish Nutrition is delighted to announce the appointment of Rob Serwata as poultry and aqua nutritionist.

Rob Joins Devenish with a broad knowledge of the aqua feed sector which was gained from his previous employment at Factorweb Ltd, (formerly Dragon Feeds Ltd) and his role at the University of Plymouth Fish Nutrition Unit. These roles allowed significant development in his nutrition knowledge and allowed him to complete an MPhil from the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling. This work was also sponsored by Prosper de Mulder UK, with a focus on animal by-product utilisation in aqua feeds for rainbow trout.

Rob began his career at the University of Plymouth where a working knowledge of feed laboratory analysis was developed, from general proximate composition to carotenoid analysis. He also assisted many undergraduate and postgraduate research programmes and started undertaking commercial feeding trials for companies such as Skretting, Ewos, BASF, Aventis and Syngenta. Rob was promoted to Scientific Officer in 2005 and became increasingly involved in running these facilities before concentrating on feed formulation and general aquaculture nutrition.

In 2007, Rob became the Research and Development Manager at Dragon Feeds Ltd. Here Rob developed his nutrition skill set further, acquiring an in depth knowledge of the challenges that face a nutritionist/feed formulator. At the same time, he was producing the feeds on a pilot twin screw extruder himself. Another valuable area of expertise developed was the implementation of a category 3 processing plant for hydrolysing fish/shellfish or polychaetes, which was successfully completed in 2009-2010 and involved using a novel method of processing.

Rob was also involved in a significant project to develop ornamental fish feeds for one of the largest global pet food companies, which was just starting to pick up some significant momentum prior to commencing his employment with Devenish.

The experience gained above will serve his new role well and give a different dimension to an already world class poultry/pig/ruminant team not only within the UK but indeed the international sector.

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