An Encapsulated Source of Butyric Acid

What are the benefits of using Butyric Acid?

  • Improved overall GIT health
  • Increased nutrient digestibility
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Reduced mortality during disease

The advantages of using UltraGuard-DUO

UltraGuard-Duo is a combination of Sodium and Calcium Butyrate Salts encapsulated in a matrix of 100% pure, hydrogenated vegetable fat blend.

UltraGuard-DUO Product Technology

  • The UltraGuard particle is formed through mechanical action
  • No liquid phase in the process, therefore, no caking, blocking of nozzles, ect...
  • More control on particle size; narrow particle size distribution
  • ‘Smearing effect’ on contact surface of particle for extra strength

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