Devenish Nutrition Announcement

10th August 2016

Devenish Nutrition Announcement

As part of Devenish's growing dedication to research, we would like to announce the opening of our Broiler Research Facility located in Arkansas.

This facility will give our poultry team the ability to evaluate new diet concepts and products within the broiler market. This is another step in showing Devenish's commitment to comprehensive research and development as a means to create innovative solutions that help our customers secure a successful future.

This facility is designed to closely mimic a commercial style broiler house. The facility will house 7,200 birds per trial and will be split into 72 individual pens with 100 birds per pen. A Big Dutchman feeding system has been installed with the latest equipment to aid in controlling and recording feed levels for secure accurate results of up to 6 different treatments being tested during each trial.

Our first trial began on July, 12th 2016 under the guidance of Research Coordinator, Erin Hinkle, Ph.D. Erin's responsibility will be to coordinate all trials run in this facility by implementing specific protocols from start to finish. The Poultry Team will design each trial by committee in order to utilize our staff's knowledgeable experience. Following the completion of each trial, Erin will perform a statistical analysis of the data generated. She will then compile the results and present her findings to the Devenish Poultry Team. These trials are designed to evaluate new concepts and products that are centered on improving the overall financial performance of our customers.

Nathan Avey will be in charge of the daily operations as our Broiler Research Manager. Nathan will be responsible to ensure all trial protocols are strictly followed to guarantee that the information gathered is completely accurate and reliable. Nathan will also be responsible for monitoring the health and overall well-being of the birds.

We'd like to thank everyone that played a role in getting this facility up and running!

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