Role of By-Pass Protein in Ruminant Nutrition

18th May 2011

Role of By-Pass Protein in Ruminant Nutrition

Genetic improvement of modern ruminant livestock has increased the importance of providing the correct balance of essential nutrients if targets for production, health and fertility are to be achieved.

Meeting the needs of the rumen is always the first priority when formulating diets as this will optimise the flow of microbial protein for future digestion further down the digestive tract. DeviCell Yeast is a licensed live yeast product for use in Bovine feeding stuffs with a proven track record for influencing rumen function, milk output, milk quality and increased liveweight gains.

However, a supply of both degradable and undegradable protein is essential if production targets are to be achieved. The normal level of metabolisable protein required per day is 8-10% of the total DMI. The difference between this and the normal level of protein present in the diet at approximately 18% of the dry matter, reflects the efficiency of utilisation of the dietary protein during fermentation and absorption. As performance improves, the requirements for by-pass protein increases significantly.

To satisfy the increasing protein requirements, the by-pass protein supplied must not only be highly digestible but also provide a balanced blend of essential amino acids to complement the supply from other feed ingredients and microbial protein. Imbalances in protein can therefore reduce profitability.

Nutritionists at Devenish Nutrition, as part of their added value programme, have developed and tested ByPro, a unique cost effective solution, which provides a combination of high quality digestible by-pass protein in conjunction with added by-pass amino acids.

ByPro provides a source of digestible by-pass amino acids that can promote milk production and growth. It is a high quality product that does not contain hazardous products such as formaldehyde.

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