Keep Those Weaners Moving

6th January 2012

PIG and pig feed price fluctuations are largely beyond the control of producers, who can however keep on improving livestock performance, not least at the weaner stage. The key point made by nutritionist Ronan Casserly at the ‘Securing the Future’ seminar for Ulster producers hosted by Devenish Nutrition.

“Six years ago the Devenish research team developed DeviGuard as a natural performance enhancer to replace antibiotic growth promoters. An innovation shown in trials to boost FCR by 7% and growth rate by 8% to add 5p a kilo to income.

“DeviGuard works in many ways to enhance porcine performance, for example, in improving the bacterial flora of the pig’s intestine and increasing the absorption surface of the gut by 30%.The Omega 3 Fatty Acids in DeviGuard also reduce infection and the effects of stress in the weaner. Overall, as shown in on farm trials, DeviGuard improves survival rates by boosting immunity to disease as well as helping both prevent infections and aid recovery from infections.

“No wonder weight, feed intake, growth rate and FCR are all enhanced by including DeviGuard in the diet. Especially as this natural growth enhancer is an ideal replacement for Zinc.”

Ronan Casserly then reminded producers that stimulating the appetite in both growing pigs and lactation sows had a major impact on overall performance. “Thus the key role of MatanXL in ensuring your sows do not feed their litters too much ‘off their backs’ and that growing pigs grow plenty of lean meat. MatanXL, developed by Devenish Nutrition, is the big appetite generator, which has revolutionised the delivery of amino acids to the pig.

“Including MatanXL in your feeding regime boosts feed intake and delivers essential amino acids plus easily available energy at the same time to encourage lean growth.”

For more information on DeviGuard, click here or for more information on MatanXL, click here.

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