Breaking Ground at the Devenish Model Pig Farm in Hoima Uganda

19th March 2015

Breaking Ground at the Devenish Model Pig Farm in Hoima Uganda

Devenish, supported by Traidlinks and the Africa Agri-Food Development Fund broke ground in March on the construction of a piggery and feed mill in Hoima, Uganda.

Led by former Devenish pig sector director, Michael Maguire, who has been working with the people of Hoima to develop the model pig farm said, “Pig production is a continuous cycle and the plan is that every week we will be selling pigs from here, once we get into full production. It will take us approximately 12 months from when we land the first animals, we will be able to sell off the progeny to the local producers.”

Hoima is reputed for having the highest pork consumption per capita within the Eastern Africa region. The mission of the project is to assist the people of Hoima and surrounding towns and villages in pig production, food production and ultimately improving the nutrition of the Hoima Community

George Ntulume, CAO, Hoima District, commenting at the launch of the piggery said “I want to welcome Devenish and I want to assure you that as district leader, we are ready to work in partnership with you.”

Irish enterprise, Traidlinks, who set up in Hoima to promote horticultural farming are supporting Devenish in setting up a co-operative for pig producers. Robert Moodie, Deputy Country Director, Traidlinks, said at the launch “Already farmers are producing and selling products they weren’t selling before and it’s exactly that reason why the Devenish project is coming into force here.”

The co-operative was officially launched in September 2014 and thus far we have recruited 75 pig producers to reap the benefits of the piggery, mill and access to knowledge and expertise of pig nutrition to help local people build profitable businesses and help improve the nutrition of the surrounding population.

Frank Kirwan, Head of Cooperation, Embassy of Ireland, said “This project is to be commended and has objectives that that Irish government and Irish embassy are fully behind.”

For further information on the co-operative and if you would like to assist please click here to contact us.

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