The Dietary Energy Optimizer

DiNAMIC is a technology from Devenish designed to improve the digestibility of dietary fats and optimize dietary energy utilization

DiNAMIC is a fat emulsifier

  • DiNAMIC is a mixture of lysolecithins that aid in fat digestion and absorption.
  • Emulsifiers aid in fat digestion by mixing oil and water.
  • Lysolecithin, compared to Lecithin, is the primary aide for fat absorption in the gut.
  • Adding DiNAMIC at 3 lb/ton increased FCR by more than 10% and ADG by 9% in nursery pigs.
  • Use DiNAMIC at 2 lb/ton in grow/finish diets to replace up to 30 lb/ton of added fat.

Research pigs fed DiNAMIC can be fed half the amount of dietary fat

Pigs (32-62lb) were fed either 0, 2.5, or 5% fat with DiNAMIC added at 0 or 2 lb/ton into the corn-soy diets with 2.5 or 5% added fat. Pigs fed DiNAMIC can be fed half the amount of dietary fat and still maintain daily gain and feed efficiency. DiNAMIC is added at 2 to 3 lb/ton to swine nursery, finisher, or lactation diets. Add DiNAMIC to current fat levels for performance or reduce fat levels by 50% without sacrificing performance.

Table 1 -Grower pigs 30 to 60 lb 4 week trial


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