A New Generation Yeast

  • More concentrated than a Yeast Culture
  • More soluble than yeast cell walls
  • Not simply a by-product
  • Created by a unique patented hydrolysis process

Progut is a '3 in 1' Yeast Hydrolysate patent protected

ProgutŪ is a '3 in 1' yeast-based feed ingredient rich in Mannoproteins, Betaglucans, nucleotides and peptides. Whole yeast cells are extracted and processed in a way that enhances all the nutritional and health benefits of both the yeast cell wall and cell contents.


  • Brewery Yeast is Filtered from its growth media
  • Deactivated by heat treatment
  • Acid Hydrolyzed to create yeast Hydrolysate
  • Hydrolysis process increases solubility and efficacy

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