Control and Traceability

The Devenish facilities are fully traceable to ensure that our finished products and raw materials are of the highest quality. Every raw material selected for use in production is fully traceable throughout the entire manufacturing process from the time it enters our site, throughout the production process, to the point where the product is delivered to the customer.

Our quality control team samples each batch of an ingredient that enters into our facility. After a sample is taken, the quality of the ingredients is evaluated before it reaches our production area. In addition to ingredient sampling our finished products are sampled, tested and retained. This allows us to continuously monitor the quality of our incoming materials and outgoing products. Expected versus actual results are compared by our Quality Control Manager and are communicated to our plant Manager and our onsite Nutritionist.

Batch numbers of raw materials are recorded at every step and each movement is time and date stamped by our process control system. The process control shuts down the manufacturing process if it detects an error in the process. Every container of every product manufactured has a unique batch number.

Devenish offers a wide range of bag sizes, bag colors and label colors to meet the customer requirements. We manufacture many custom products for local, regional and international companies who want a quality product.