Recent Press Releases

Mag12 wins the Most Innovative Product Award at the National Dairy Show

23rd October 2015

Mag12 is based on a breakthrough in magnesium delivery systems. A natural source of minerals, Mag12 shows unique solubility properties with 99% of the magnesium available in the rumen, compared to other magnesium oxide sources which typically show only 7-23% solubility. Mag12 has been shown to boost performance with milk butterfat and protein levels when compared to calcined magnesium.

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Congratulations to our colleague Owen Brennan from all at Devenish

2nd October 2015

We would like to congratulate our Executive Chairman Owen Brennan who has recently been conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Science by University College Dublin. Mr Brennan received the honour at the Agriculture, Food Science and Human Nutrition Conferring Ceremony on 31st August.

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Dowth Hall Point to Point Launched

25th September 2015

Dowth Hall Point to Point takes place on Sunday 25th October and was recently launched by representatives of the Meath Hunt & Tara Harriers Point to Point Committee and local producers from the Boyne Valley Food Series, alongside Devenish's Owen Brennan. Belfast headquartered animal nutrition company Devenish, are the host and title sponsor of the event, which takes place at Dowth Hall Demense in County Meath.

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Devenish Sponsors the British Turkey Awards

21st September 2015

Devenish are delighted to be one of the industry sponsors at this year’s British Turkey Awards, taking place at the Dorchester Hotel in London on Thursday 24th September.

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Devenish Nutrition LLC Merge with Nest Egg Nutrition LLC

8th September 2015

Devenish Nutrition, LLC is proud to announce the merger of Nest Egg Nutrition LLC, with Devenish Nutrition, LLC effective September 1, 2015. Nest Egg Nutrition, LLC is operated by Dr. John Kuhl, who has worked in the field of layer nutrition for over thirty years. This merger is a way to offer additional resources, services and value from Dr. Kuhl and the Devenish Team by working together.

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Corbetts planning for change

5th September 2015

Fertility performance and grass utilisation are key areas of focus towards making the Corbett dairy farm more profitable, even when milk prices are volatile

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Improving grass production on Dairylink farms

29th August 2015

Dairylink adviser Conail Keown highlights the importance of reseeding and examines how one project farmer is managing the task.

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Dairylink farms focused on utilising grazed grass

22nd August 2015

Dairylink adviser Conail Keown looks at the management practices adopted by programme farmers.

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Wet weather adding to the problems in Tyrone

15th August 2015

Robin Clements on his Co Tyrone farm.

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Taking full advantage of grass resource

8th August 2015

Farm visit to Wales focused on both grass production and utilisation as areas to improve farm profitability.

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