AlphaStart Turkey

Optimum Performance from the Start

Devenish AlphaStart is a proprietary formulation of specialty premix products to enhance nutrient absorption, intestinal maturation, bird immunity and resultant bird performance, including, short chain fatty acids, prebiotics, probiotics, direct fed microbials, essential oils, and organic acids.

Poults fed AlphaStart for the first 14 days of life had:

  • Improved early intakes and crop fills
  • Less feed wastage in brooding period
  • Improved uniformity
  • Higher growth rates

AlphaStart is a high quality mini-pellet prestarter for brooding turkeys and chickens. Formulated with a range of highly digestible ingredients, AlphaStart is based on Devenish unique proprietary DevAmine™ technology. The ideal mini-pellet presentation insures excellent and immediate feed consumption. This supports a high Glycemic Index effect and supplies optimum protein requirements to enable amino acid sparing and efficient protein utilization. It also contains a specific mix of vitamins and trace elements designed for optimal early needs. The mini-pellet is produced with specialized Devenish technology and slow output to insure a consistent high quality product.

Specialty: custom formulations available for antibiotic free production (ABF) and no animal byproducts (all-vegetable).

AlphaStart Turkey recommended feeding rate is 1-lb per head which will typically last the first 10-14 days of age.

Feed AlphaStart as the sole ration (do not use as a top-dress).

AlphaStart Turkey is supplemented with a specific blend of key ingredients and nutritional aids to support early gut maturation, improve early digestion and boost the immune function.

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