The Dietary Energy Optimiser

DiNAMIC is a unique, dual actives blend of Lysophospholipids and Essential Oils that increases nutrient digestion and absorption

DiNAMIC is a unique blend of specific plant essential oils, and highly effective lysolecithins, working together to facilitate superior nutrient utilization. Over the past decade scientific research has attempted to ascertain the potential of plant derived Essential Oils to contribute to animal health and performance. Initial research focused primarily on alternatives to antibiotics. DiNAMIC was developed with a proprietary blend of 12 specific plant essential oils to decrease intestinal inflammation and enhance absorption and digestion of nutrients.

More recently the development of molecular technologies such as real time PCR and Nutrigenomic evaluations have uncovered the role of Essential Oils in positively influencing endogenous digestive sections (HCL, pancreatic Lipase and mucous) along with the management of the inflammatory response in the animal.

The above functions result in improved digestion and absorption due to a lower level of subclinical inflammation in the gut lining.

Key Information:

  • Recommended at 1-lbs/ton inclusion
  • Excellent choice for flocks raised without antibiotics or growth promotants (ABF, NAE)
  • DiNAMIC Nutrient Matrix Values: Extracted from 8 scientific trials
  • Safe for concurrent use with all coccidiosis vaccination programs
  • DiNAMIC compliments vaccination and allows for immunity development
  • Unique dual action formulation: emulsify nutrients, modify gut wall, improve nutrient digestion
  • Enhance digestion and nutrient absorption

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