DeviAqua Start

A post-weaning supplement designed to improve water intake.

On-farm results indicate a 38% increase in water intake when using DeviAqua Start in newly weaned pigs

DeviAqua Start is a flavored electrolyte & vitamin supplement designed to improve water intake

Improving hydration has shown to be highly beneficial in helping pigs get off to a good start. With young pigs composed of 70% water it becomes important to keep post-weaned pigs hydrated. Water intake is highly correlated to feed intake in the first few days after weaning. Statistics have shown only 51% of post-weaned pigs consume water in the first day after weaning.

Mixing Directions

Mix 4 oz of Devi Aqua Start per gallon of stock solution. Set medicator to deliver 1 gal of stock solution per 128 gallons of drinking water. Administer to newly weaned pigs for 5-7 days post-weaning. One box of DeviAqua Start contains twenty-five 8 oz packages or 12.5 lb. One 8 oz packet will treat approximately 150 pigs for seven days.

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