A better start for weaned pigs

SafeStart is a sticky meal and pellet mix carefully formulated to provide high levels of milk and essential nutrients to the newly weaned pig

Research Has Shown

  • Feeding nursery pigs 0.25 lb of SafeStart increased ADG by 7%
  • Increased final body weight by 1.3 lb (50.9 vs. 49.6 lb)
  • Assuming $1/lb LW, producer Income over feed Cost = $1/pig increase

Research shows pigs fed SafeStart post-weaning had significant improvements on performance

Feeding Directions

  • Designed to be fed on mats, lock-down feeders, sprinkled on top of the starter pellets
  • Preferably fed 2 to 5 times per day
  • Provide plenty of fresh water
  • Budget 1/4 lb per pig
  • One 25 lb bag of SafeStart will feed 100 pigs

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